Every RUM table has its own character, its own features, its “beauty mark”, its focus, its recognition: all synonymous with obsessive attention to detail. In canvas or Tuscan vegetable leather, for indoor or outdoor use, RUMTIQUETTE embellishes each of its creations in an understated manner, making them unique, timeless, sartorial and custom, attractive, and highlighting playful color nuances of the top and base.


The RUMTIQUETTE texture, in both the canvas and leather version, has been selected and chosen to impress with a single touch, setting itself within the imaginary realm, underlining its symbolic strength: just like the historical origins of the first labels in the 15th century. RUMTIQUETTE has the same effect as sartorial labels: it completes, envelops, reassures, connotes, completes, tells a story, creates a symbolic redemption, holds a secret, and perpetuates the magic.


RUM proposes its ideas while upholding beauty. Beauty is life. Beauty is harmony. Beauty is in all things. It is in nature. It is in the soul, body and spirit. It is in shapes and colors. Beauty is in sight, in touch, in hearing. It is in taste and smell. It is in a gesture and in a memory. Beauty is freshness; beauty strikes; beauty reassures. Beauty is pleasing to the eye. It is not obvious and it is never commonplace. Beauty is objective. Beauty surrounds us, and there is nothing more beautiful.