RUM Family

Rumiz F.lli was established in the 1960s thanks to the intuition of Raul and Arno Rumiz who, as a young twenty-year-old, already understood the importance of providing companies with punctual, quality service. There was an economic boom at that time, and a new material for creating interior coatings had just been invented in the United States: high-pressure laminate (HPL). During that decade, the Abet Laminati Group in Italy imported the technology for laminate production. Raul and Arno began collaborating with Abet, thus Rumiz F.lli became the exclusive agency for Friuli Venezia Giulia. The results were quite impressive; in fact, shortly thereafter significant kitchen and furniture manufacturers began to use Abet Laminati products. In the second half of the 1970s, Rumiz F.lli built its historic warehouse entirely in steel along the main artery to access and exit the city of Udine; the warehouse is still the company's headquarters today.

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The family's second generation inherited all the company's passion, curiosity and tradition: Stefano and Fabrizio, the respective descendants of Raul and Arno, currently manage the company after having expanded its offerings over the years. In fact, the distribution and storage of high pressure laminate is accompanied by the flooring, raw materials and semi-finished products trade for the furniture industry and for ventilated facade cladding. The experience acquired over two generations, along with the passion and desire for innovation, led to the creation of Rum Tables five years ago: an Italian brand specializing in the design and manufacturing of designer furniture for indoor and outdoor spaces, for the home, home office, HO.RE.CA. and community settings.

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Rum Tables is a tribute to the beauty of Italian excellence in design, food, and fashion, which are its highest expression and are iconic around the world: RUM Tables offers its services as the full expression and enhancement of such excellence, with the aim of merging and exalting the latter. Rum is simple and contemporary, understated and elegant. The combinations of materials are perfectly synchronized; the result of the family's tradition of working with such materials. All the components of a RUM table are Italian and are chosen, combined, and envisaged to express a simple and sartorial elegance that is unparalleled.