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RUM Tables

A table to enjoy

RUM Tables

Seduced by the design

RUM Tables

Lead in your space

(Italiano) RUM Tables

RUM Tables

RUM Tables

RUM Tables

RUM Tables

Why choose RUM tables

RUM is passion for design
RUM is pursuit of quality
RUM is the experience in the world of furniture.

A stylish table

Round, square, rectangular: fully customizable.

A line of tables inspired by the high fashion world, with a modern design, at the same time elegant and sober. The minimalist characteristics of RUM products are perfectly combined with every style, emphasizing the spaces and the essence of each room.

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The choice of colors

We provide multiple solutions: choose your colour shade.

A table with a stylish design that becomes the centrepiece of your spaces, that exalts the heart of the furniture and that strongly underlines the balance between elegance and comfort. The smoothness of the shapes is combined with the wide range of chromatic solutions, harmonizing and defining every place inside your space.

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The collections Rum

  • Tables Collections Valentino

    Simplicity and elegance: this is Valentino. His multifaceted personality hides behind the carefully selected and meticulously studied details. Sinuous and delicate lines emphasize a style in perfect balance between emotions and proportions, fitting perfectly into any living space. After all, he always said: “I like simple things.” It is these characteristics that make this table an ideal furnishing element to be placed inside houses or to transform your bar into a unique place.

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  • Tables Collections Giacomo

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

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  • Tables Collections Giorgio

    Giorgio always pays special attention to details that may have a rough core, but that conceal the many facets of its personality and possible applications. It is the perfect example of how class and creativity can be combined, while adding value to both aspects at the same time. This might be the reason for his motto: “Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.” This table is the ideal furnishing element to be placed inside and outside bars and restaurants, […]

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